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About Plagiarism Checker

While writing articles or blogs, it is very necessary to check the article before publishing. Plagiarism means stealing or copying others' ideas or contents and claiming their own. It is also possible that sometimes our own creations got a match with others although we haven't copied from others. 


To check whether it is plagiarized or not Cloud SEO Tool brought a Plagiarism Checker tool to identify the uniqueness. It also shows the matched content. 


After identification of matched content, we must make changes to our articles or blogs to make them unique. 


What is the importance of Plagiarized free Articles?

In colleges and universities, graduate students conduct several theses and research works. And there must not be copied from any other source.

To check the plagiarism, colleges use Cloud SEO Tool Plagiarism Checker to analyze the project works. 

To get proper marks and impressions plagiarized-free article is most important. 


In Digital World there are numerous benefits of having plagiarized free content. 

1. To get a higher ranking 

Google always prefers fresh content to rank on SERP. 

2. To gain traffic 

Visitors always like to read something new about any topic. If your content is copied from any other resource and users already read it and again he/she shows same content is copied then there is a high chance to leave your site without visiting further. 

Neither visitors like copied content nor Google. 

To gain enormous traffic you must have a plagiarism-free article. 


3. To gain authority 

It also plays an important role to gain the authority of a site. 

4. Better UX 

5. To generate more leads 

6. To generate more AdSense Revenue or any other ads network revenue.


How To check plagiarism? 

Cloud SEO Tool plagiarism checker helps to check your content whether it is plagiarized or not. And it also shows at how much extent it is copied. 


Step -1 

Select your article 

Step -2 

Paste it on Cloud SEO Tool Plagiarism Checker

Step-3 Wait for the result 


How To make plagiarized content unique? 


You can replace the matched content with your own words. 

Or you can use the article rewriter tool